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arrow Application Status and Development Trend of Breathable Biochemical Protective Clothing

Datetime:2020-06-03 17:11:04  

YANG Zhilian1 YU Juan1 LIU Qixia1 GE Jianlong2 JI Tao2

(1.Nantong University,Jiangsu Nantong,226019;2.National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Technical Fiber Composites for Safety and Health,Jiangsu Nantong,226019)

Abstract The application status and development trend of breathable biochemical protective clothing were discussed.The development course of breathable biochemical protective clothing was looked back,and the protection theory was analyzed.The application of porous carbon materials in breathable biochemical protective clothing including particle/powder activated carbon,spherical activated carbon and activated carbon fibers and so on was introduced.The disadvantages of current breathable biochemical protective clothing were pointed out.It is considered that the application of carbon nanomaterial,permselective material,electrospun nanofibers and so on in the development of protective fabrics is a development trend for the future.Meanwhile,the development of breathable biochemical protective clothing will trend to multi-functionalization,intelligentization,higher technicalization and comfort.