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arrow Development of Comfortable High-voltage Electrostatic Protective Fabric

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:41:18  

LIU Lin  SUN Kaifei  FAN Zhengke  CAI Puning

Shaanxi Textile Science InstituteXi′an710038China

    Abstract  Production key points of comfortable high-voltage electrostatic protective fabric were summarized.Stainless steel fiber/coolplus fiber/cotton 40/40/20 18.5 tex yarn was taken as warp and weft.Selection of fiber raw materials and design of fabric specifications were introduced.Technology measures and related processes adopted in spinningweavingdyeing and finishing were summarized.The test results showed that the developed fabric resistanceshielding efficiency and washing resistance index were higher than the standard requirementswhich had better moisture absorption and quick drying property.It is considered that functionality and comfort of high-voltage electrostatic fabrics were taken into accountwhich made the expected design goals achieved.