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arrow Application Effect Analysis of Digital Color Spinning Measuring and Matching System

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:43:14  

DING Zhirong1  SANG Ailin2  CAO Youchang3  HE Yanyan3  ZHOU Jirong3

1.Nantong Huacai Digital Technology Co.Ltd.Nantong226019China2.Jiangsu Xinjinlan Textile & Garment Co.Ltd.Yancheng224611China3.Xuzhou Century Texhong Textile Co.Ltd.Xuzhou221200China

    Abstract  Application effect of digital color spinning measuring and matching system was discussed.Color measurement and color matchingformula modificationcolored yarn simulationquality predictionraw material management and other functions of the intelligent digital color spinning rapid color measuring and prediction system were introduced.Four kinds of polyester and viscose colored yarns were taken as examplescolor matching effect and economic benefits of the system were analyzed.The results showed that compared with manual color matchingsampling times of color measuring and matching system was reduced to 2 times to 3 timesdesign time of formula was also reduced to 1/5 of the manual color matching.The system-designated formula included functional design formula containing specific raw materialswhich made cost of yarn raw materials reduced.Theoretical color difference between system formula sampling and the standard sampling was not larger than 0.5.It is considered that there is no obvious visual difference between yarn sampling color of system color matching and the standard sample.