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arrow Sizing Practice of Aramid Yarn

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:43:48  

CHEN Yonghong  ZHANG Xiwen  YANG Jing  HOU Xiaopeng

Shaanxi Yuanfeng Textile Technology Research Co.Ltd.Xi′an710038China

    Abstract  Sizing process of aramid yarn was discussed.Aiming at the problems of lower loom efficiency and many fabric defects after sizing aramid yarnaramid yarn sizing instruction was optimized.Sizing properties of the three different sizing instructions and corresponding sizing yarns breaking strengthelongationhairinessloom efficiencyfabric defect and weaving dust off were tested.The results showed that when the contents of PVAmodified starchacrylic acid and antistatic agent in the sizing instruction were 17%76%5% and 2%thermal stability of sizing liquor viscosity was betterloom efficiency could be reached above 90%.There were few fabric weaving defects and air environment in the workshop was better.It is considered that reasonable proportion setting of PVAmodified starch and acrylic acid in sizing instructionthe loom efficiency can be improved.