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arrow Spinning Test of Improving Pure Cotton Compact Yarn Fabric Shape Retention

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:55:36  

JIN Hairong  YU Yinjun  HE Xiaoling  LIU Qianli

Jiangsu Lianfa Textile Co.Ltd.Nantong226600China

    Abstract  Design of spinning technology and selection of key equipment to improve shape retention of pure cotton compact yarn fabric were discussed.Through optimization of compact spinning key equipmentimprovement of yarn properties was achieved.By changing ratio of long-staple cottonspinning method and twist factorshape retention of the fabric was analyzed.The test results showed that using original combined type special negative pressure groove for compact spinningcombined with the Shore A68 degree drafting rubber-covered roll and balloon ringthe spun yarn had better comprehensive index and property of compact yarn was improved.When the blending ratio of long-staple cotton and medium cottton was 90/10twist factor of the blended yarn was 385shape retention effect of woven fabrics made by the compact yarn was better.