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arrow Influence of Soluble Polyester Fiber Content on Fabric Property

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:57:22  

HU Yuanyuan  LYU Zhijia

Weiqiao Textile Co.Ltd.Binzhou256200China

    Abstract  In order to improve stiff hand feeling of heavy cotton fabricswater-soluble polyester fiber and cotton were blendedthe influence of soluble polyester fiber content on fabric property was explored.Cotton/soluble polyester fiber blending ratios was separateed designed as 95/590/1085/15 and 80/20linear density of blended yarn was 27.8 tex16 kinds of fabrics with four-up-two-down left twill were wove.After soluble polyester fiber in the fabric were dissolvedweight per unit areathicknessair permeabilitymoisture absorption and quick-drying propertybending property and tensile property of the fabrics were tested and analyzed.The results showed that as content of soluble polyester fiber increasedsoftness of the fabric was significantly improvedstrength of the fabric was reducedbulkiness and moisture absorption were improved.It was pointed out when developing comfortable heavy cotton fabricits warp content could be increased under the condition of the total soluble polyester fiber content in the fabric unchangeddesign should be planned according to the use of the fabric.