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arrow Research and Development of Single Guide Wet Comfort Summer Clothing Fabric

Datetime:2021-12-13 16:58:05  

LYU Zhijia1  XING Mingjie2

1.Weiqiao Textile Co.Ltd.Binzhou256200China2.Qingdao UniversityQingdao266071China

    Abstract  Research and development technology of single guide wet comfort summer clothing fabric were discussed.Function principle and technology method of single guide wet were analyzed.Technology route and consideration factor of single guide wet fabric in material applicationspinning technology and fabric weave designfinishing processcolour application were introduced.Single guide wet knitted fabric was taken as an key example to carry out the technology optimization testmoisture absorption and breathabilityquick drying property were tested and contrasted.The results showed that the fabric had better single guide wetair permeabilityquick drying property when inner layer was polypropylene yarnsurface layer was fine polyester filamentinner layer was plane structuresurface layer was mesh structureand with hydrophilic finishing.It is pointed out that visual comforttouch comfort and thermal comfort should be paid attention to when designing and developing comfortable fabric for summer clothing.