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arrow Design and Property Analysis of Pure PTT Wool-like Fabric

Datetime:2021-12-13 17:02:46  

ZHAO Jing1  WANG Meifen1  LYU Zhijia1  WANG Jie2

1.Weiqiao Textile Co.Ltd.Binzhou256200China

2.Weiqiao UCAS Research InstituteBeijing100020China

    Abstract  Design idea and development program of pure PTT wool-like fabric were discussed.Based on PTT fiber propertythe PTT pure yarn was used to design and develop worsted wool-like fabric.Design ideas and methods of yarn specification and fabric specificationand the key points in dyeing and finishing production were introduced.The surface friction propertycompression propertybending propertycrease recovery property and drape property of pure PTT wool-like fabric were testedand compared with the same specifications of pure wool fabric.After comprehensive evaluationthe pure PTT wool-like fabric had the main typical characteristics of worsted fabric.The fabric was smoothfluffy and drape well.It is considered that the development of new products by using new fiber should be based on the fiber property and the application of innovative technology to reflect the fabric style characteristic.