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arrow Experimental Analysis of Phase Change Temperature Regulating Fiber Temperature Regulating Property

Datetime:2021-12-13 17:03:57  

XU Yanyan  LIU Lin  FAN Zhengke  LIN Na  HOU Lin

Shaanxi Textile Science InstituteXi 'an710038China

    Abstract  Temperature regulating property of domestic phase change temperature regulating viscose fiber was analyzed.The heating and cooling curves of the blended fiber samples were tested by blending polyester with different contents of temperature regulating fiber.Polyester blended yarns with different temperature regulating fiber blending ratios were spun.Three kinds of fabric were made with the same blending ratio yarn.Two bath dyeing process was used to dye the blended fabric.DSC curves of yarngray fabric and dyed fabric were tested respectively.The results showed that the temperature regulating property of temperature regulating fiberpolyester blended sample and blended yarn were improved with the increase of temperature regulating fiber content.The fabric weave had little influence on the enthalpy of melting and crystallizationbut had great influence on the maximum temperature of dynamic rising and cooling.There was little difference in temperature regulation before and after dyeing.It is considered that the standard requirements of the temperature regulating products can be meet when content of temperature regulating fiber is above 50%maximum temperature regulating value is above 3 ℃.Thicker fabricbetter air permeability is conducive to improve the temperature regulation effect.Tempering fiber fabric is suitable for dyeing and finishing of conventional polyester viscose blended fabric.