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arrow Effect of Carding Machine Cylinder and Licker-in Linear Speed Ratio on Yarn Strength

Datetime:2021-12-13 17:06:34  

XU Lanjie1  ZHANG Mingguang2

1.Eastern Liaoning UniversityDandong118003China

2.Liaoning Key Laboratory of Functional Textile MaterialsDandong118003China

    Abstract  The influence of carding machine cylinder and licker-in linear speed ratio on yarn strength was discussed.Licker-in speed was adjusted at 600 r/min700 r/min800 r/min and 900 r/minthe yarn strength comparison tests were carried out when the linear speed ratio was 1.52.0 and 2.5 respectively.The results showed that yarn strength was better when licker-in speed is 600 r/min and the linear speed ratio is 2.0.Larger cylinder and licker-in linear speed ratio was beneficial to improve yarn strength.It is considered that the yarn strength is better when the cylinder and licker-in linear speed ratio is 2.0considering other factors affecting the yarn quality licker-in  speed is suitable in 800 r/min~900 r/min.