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  2012-08-22 Wearability Research of Cotton Bamboo Hemp Blended Fabric
  2012-09-19 Silicon-Based Elastomeric Finish Its Novel Effects in Apparel
  2012-08-22 Relationship between Atmospheric Plasma Timeliness and Polyester Fabric Wetting
  2012-08-22 Problem and Countermeasure of Textile & Garment Industrial Chain in China
  2012-09-19 Heat Resistance Analysis of Aramid1313Flame Retardant ViscoseGlass Fiber Core-
  2012-08-22 Effect of Weft Density on PSA Blended Fabric Property
  2012-08-22 Effect of Rubber-covered Roll Treatment on Spinning Yarn Evenness
  2012-08-22 Design of Stitching Double Weave Fabric
  2012-08-22 Application Status and Development Trend of Modern Cotton Spinning Production
  2012-07-05 Cosmetic Textiles: An Innovative Alliance of Textile and Cosmetics
  2012-07-05 Development of Polyester/Shengma Blended Weft Elastic Fabric
  2012-07-05 Benefits of Spun Dyed Viscose Fabric Over Stock Dyed Viscose And Cotton Fabrics
  2012-07-05 The Performance of Wood Fiber and Textiles
  2012-07-05 Design of Distributed Card Clothing Data Management System in Carding Machine
  2012-07-05 Study on Drawing Technology of Colored Spinning
  2012-07-05 Research on Yarn Cross-section Shape and Integration Morphological Model of Wove
  2012-07-05 Research on Yarn Cross-section Shape and Integration Morphological Model of Wov
  2012-07-05 Design and Weaving of Canopy Three-dimensional Woven Fabrics
  2012-07-05 Research on Fabric Zone Sphincter in Different Tightness Weave
  2012-07-05 Development and Consideration of Comber in China
  2012-04-26 Development of Core Spun Yarn with Polylactic Acid Fiber
  2012-04-26 Handle Properties of Bamboo & Cotton Fabric
  2012-04-26 Environmental Protection Through Clean Textile Technologies
  2012-04-26 Research on Online Detection System of Fabric Color Difference
  2012-04-26 Effect of Textile Weave on
  2012-04-26 Design and Property Research of Polysulfonamide Blended Protective Fabric
  2012-04-26 Causes and Control Measures of Ramie Blended Yarn Hairiness
  2012-04-26 Research of Developing Low Linear Density Yarn Fabric from Water-soluble Fiber
  2012-04-26 Discussion of Problems in Size Mixture Production and Application
  2012-02-21 Design of Three Dimensional Fabric with Angle-interlock Structure
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