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  2012-10-11 Recent Development Status and Prospect of Automobile Textiles(The First Part)
  2012-10-11 Application of JF-301BF Textile Air Conditioning Control System
  2012-07-17 Application of SM92 Rapier Loom
  2012-07-17 Sizing Key Points Analyses of Super Fine Compact High Density Colored Fabric
  2012-07-17 Prevention and Reasons of Cheese Yarn Frequent Defects
  2012-07-17 Production of JC 3.2 tex Compact Yarn
  2012-07-17 Production of Wool Modal Long-staple Cotton Blended Yarn
  2012-07-17 Experience of Developing Hemp Cotton Vortex Yarn
  2012-07-17 Application of Multihole Blow and Suction Cleaner on Roving Machine
  2012-07-17 Energy-saving Effect Analyses of Blowing-carding Unit with Wider Carding Machine
  2012-07-17 Property Contrast between Medical StoneModified Viscose Blended Fabric and Pure
  2012-07-17 Structure and Property Research of Collagen Protein Modified Flax Yarn
  2012-07-17 Technology Modification of Draft System in Spinning Frame
  2012-07-17 Development of Cotton Stainless Steel Filament Core Spun Yarn and its Electromag
  2012-07-17 Performance and Spinning Effect of Epoxy Resin Self
  2012-07-17 Spinning Processing Optimization of Viscose Vortex Yarn
  2012-07-17 Research of Phosphate-carbamate Amylose Sizing Property
  2012-07-17 Optimization of Starch Size Mixture Graft Modification Processing
  2012-07-17 Modification Effect of Water-soluble Polyurethane on Starch Size Mixture
  2012-07-17 Study on Size Film Property of Modified Starch with Diammonium Hydrogen Citrate
  2012-03-14 Friction Field Theory and Its Development
  2012-03-14 Configuration of Weft Insertion Processing Parameters on Air Jet Loom
  2012-03-14 Production of Double-mercerization Double-singeing Colored Jacquard Fabric
  2012-03-14 Problems and Solutions in Producing Pure Cotton End-and-end Fabric
  2012-03-14 Experiences of Reducing Sizing Hairiness
  2012-03-14 Configuration Analyses of Air-conditioning & Dust-extraction Equipment in Vortex
  2012-03-14 Effect of Collector on Spinning Quality
  2012-03-14 Causes and Control Methods of A2 Yarn Defects
  2012-03-14 Technology Measures of Ensuring Polyester Cotton Blended Yarn Blending Ratio
  2012-03-14 Production of Bamboo Fiber Towel Yarn
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