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arrow Performance and Spinning Effect of Epoxy Resin Self

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Wang Xianfang

(Shaanxi Industrial Vocational College)

Song Yongsheng?
(Shaanxi Changrong Cotton Textile Co.,Ltd)


Abstract    Property and spinning effect of viscose fiber reinforced epoxy resin self-lubricating bearing were discussed. The bearing was developed,its structure and property were analyzed and contrasted to bronze-based self-lubricating bearing and common needle roller bearing in aspect of property and spinning effect. The result shows that the viscose fiber reinforced epoxy resins self lubricating bearing structure is better and the spinning yarn quality is better. It is considered that the property of the bearing is better such as self-lubricating,vibration absorption and elasticity,wear resistance and corrosion resistance,higher cost-effective. In polymer bearing design and development,better quality composite material should be tested and studied further.?
Key Words    Composite Material,Epoxy Resin,Viscose Fiber,Self-lubricating Bearing,Friction Property,Evenness,Strength