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arrow Development of Cotton Stainless Steel Filament Core Spun Yarn and its Electromag

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Jiang Jianqing

(Zhejiang Chunjiang Light & Textile Industry Group Co.,Ltd.)

Li Maosong
(Zhejiang Sci-Tech University)


Abstract    Processing of cotton stainless steel filament core spun yarn and its electromagnetic shielding were researched. Property of stainless steel filament was introduced and analyzed. Through modifying core spun yarn device properly,fine stainless steel filament and combed cotton were used to spun core spun yarn. Through test,electromagnetic shielding effect of the fabric is better. It is considered that comparing to stainless steel filament with 35 μm diameter,the yarn count can be reduced when adopting stainless steel filament with 23 μm diameter,the fabric is softer and thinner,the wear property is improved. In production,stainless steel filament should be in the middle of twisting triangle area to form better core yarn structure and prevent core yarn exposedness. In winding process,photo-electric yarn cleaner must be used,lower speed was adopted to produce qualified cotton stainless steel filament core spun yarn.?
Key Words    Stainless Steel Filament,Diameter,Metallic Filament Core Spun Yarn,Blended Yarn,Electromagnetic Shielding Effect