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arrow Technology Modification of Draft System in Spinning Frame

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Zhang Xiaofang?
(Hebei Taihang Machinery Industries Co.,Ltd.)


Abstract    To improve traditional draft system effect in spinning frame,problems in three-roller double apron draft system were analyzed,related technology modification was done and better effect can be got. It is considered that through selecting a series of measures such as adopting RS-6939S type top pin,increasing down apron covering angle to middle roller,adopting special interior pattern down apron,optimizing apron width,modifying existing new type down pin structure,draft effect can be improved further,yarn quality can be improved,raw material can be saved and energy consumption can be reduced. ?
Key Words    Spinning Frame,RS-6939S Type Top Pin,Apron Covering Angle,Interior Pattern Apron,Down Pin Structure