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arrow Structure and Property Research of Collagen Protein Modified Flax Yarn

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Sui Zhihui

(Qiqihar University)

Wei Yujiao

(Qiqihar University)

Zhang Lei?
(Qiqihar University)


Abstract    Structure and property of collagen protein modified flax yarn were researched. Flax yarn was selectively oxidized with sodium periodate to generate double aldehyde groups,
treated with hydrdrogen sulfite to generate sulfonated flax yarn and then was grafted with gelatin protein solution. The structure of modified flax yarn was characterized and analyzed by FT-IR,X-ray diffraction and SEM. Breaking strength,breaking elongation and moisture regain of modified flax yarn were tested. The result shows that the sulfonated flax yarn and gelatin protein are combined with chemical bond in non?crystalline area. Different concentration of gelatin solution influences grafting rate of sulfonated flax yarns in certain degree. When grafting rate of gelatin protein is in 0 to 10%(mass fraction),breaking strength of the flax yarn is basically the same. As growth of the grafting rate,moisture regain would be increased slightly,breaking elongation is obviously improved.?
Key Words    Gelatin,Flax Yarn,Sulfonated Flax Yarn,Grafting Rate,Breaking Strength,Breaking Elongation,Moisture Regain