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arrow Experience of Developing Hemp Cotton Vortex Yarn

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Wang Meihong
(Jiangsu Yancheng Textile Vocational Technology College)


Abstract    To develop hemp cotton vortex yarn,hemp fiber and long?staple cotton raw material were selected reasonably,hemp fiber was pretreated. According to characteristics of hemp fiber raw material,related technology measures were adopted,such as selecting fore?spinning and vortex spinning processing parameters rationally, controlling temperature & humidity strictly,finally hemp/cotton 60/40 21.6 tex vortex yarn can be developed successfully,yarn hairiness can be reduced,yarn quality level and usability can be improved. It is considered that it is feasible to use vortex spinning technology producing high content hemp cotton blended yarn,yarn hairiness can be reduced and hemp cotton blended yarn quality level can be improved.?
Key Words    Hemp Fiber,Long?staple Cotton,Vortex Spinning,Pretreatment,Hairiness,Temperature & Humidity