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arrow Production of JC 3.2 tex Compact Yarn

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Lyu Dongyu?
(Qinghai Yinhe Textile Co.,Ltd.)


Abstract    Processing of combed pure cotton super fine compact yarn was discussed. According to the characteristics of super fine yarn lower strength,larger spinning difficulty,imported long?staple cotton was used,processing was selected rationally in opening & cleaning and carding process,fiber carding degree was improved,fiber injury and short fiber content were reduced,two?times combing and single drawing processing were adopted,twister mechanical in spinning machine was modified,twist range was expanded,lower speed and larger draft multiple in back area were adopted,finally JC 3.2 tex compact yarn can be produced successfully. It is considered that the key to spin combed pure cotton super fine compact yarn are the selection of raw material correctly and processing rationally. Problems should be solved,such as lap licking in combing process,lower winding tension,softer bobbin forming ect. It is pointed out that spinning processing should be optimized,yarn quality should be improved.?
Key Words    Pima Cotton,Egyptian Cotton,Two?times Combing,Single Drawing,Twist Range,Speed