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arrow Prevention and Reasons of Cheese Yarn Frequent Defects

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Chen Hang

(Jiangsu Xinghua Tongyu Textile Co.,Ltd.)

Yang Xumei?
(Jiangsu Xinghua Tongyu Textile Co.,Ltd.)

Abstract    Measures and reasons of several frequent defects in winding process were summarized. Cheese yarn raveling factors were analyzed,such as bobbin yarn slough-off,gauge between large nozzle and cheese yarn,tension box work worse,splicing frequently,poor contact between cheese yarn and groove drum. Technology key points of preventing cheese yarn thread waste,kink,winder doubling were introduced. It is considered that ravelings can be reduced by dealing bobbin yarn forming,examining & repairing tension box and splicer. Winding processing should be adopted rationally,cleaning should be done well to reduce all types of cheese yarn defects.?
Key Words    Winding,Ravelings,Yarn Forming,Thread Waste,Kink,Winder Doubling