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arrow Sizing Key Points Analyses of Super Fine Compact High Density Colored Fabric

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Yin Cuihong

(Shandong Luthai Textile Co.,Ltd.)

Zhao Hong

(Shandong Luthai Textile Co.,Ltd.)

Zheng Jianxiu

(Shandong Luthai Textile Co.,Ltd.)

Chen Shuai?
(Shandong Luthai Textile Co.,Ltd.)


Abstract    Sizing processing key points of super fine compact high density colored fabric were analyzed. According to size mixture properties,colored yarn characteristics,high density colored fabric weaving difficulties,sizing instruction and sizing processing were optimized. The sizing processing of middle concentration,lower viscosity,middle pressure,concentrating on cover and taking penetration into count,less PVA was adopted. In size mixing and sizing process,effective measures were used to control sizing quality,finally sized yarn properties can be improved obviously,loom efficiency can be improved to 95?83%.?
Key Words    Super Fine Compact Yarn,High Density Fabric,Size Mixture,Sizing Processing,Sizing Quality,Colored Fabric