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arrow Application of SM92 Rapier Loom

Datetime:2012-07-17 00:00:00  

Yin Jiqiang

[Shaanxi Five Rings(Group)Stock Co.,Ltd.]

Cao Anping

[Shaanxi Five Rings(Group)Stock Co.,Ltd.]

Sun Yonggang

[Shaanxi Five Rings(Group)Stock Co.,Ltd.]

Lu Xingle
[Shaanxi Five Rings(Group)Stock Co.,Ltd.]


Abstract    Optimization of SM92 rapier loom processing was discussed. Taking satin stripe fabric as example,adjustment and optimization of processing were analyzed including shed travel,shed time,back beam height and warp stop position. Measures of improving loom efficiency and reducing fabric defects were introduced. It is pointed out that loom processing parameter should be optimized,causes of lower loom efficiency and fabric defects should be analyzed constantly according to fabric structure and property. Corresponding measures should be adopted to develop equipment performance. Through rationally selecting loom processing parameter,warp stop per 100 000 weft can be reduced to 17 times,weft stop per 100 000 weft can be reduced to 7 times,loom efficiency can be improved 17.64 percent. ?
Key Words    SM92 Rapier Loom,Satin Stripe Fabric,Shed Travel,Back Beam Height,Loom Efficiency