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arrow Application of JF-301BF Textile Air Conditioning Control System

Datetime:2012-10-11 13:10:06  

Huang Junfei

(Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co.,Ltd.)

Chen Chunyi

(Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co.,Ltd.)

Ling Liangzhong

(Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co.,Ltd.)

Tang Ping
(Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group Co.,Ltd.)


Abstract    Application effect of JF-301BF textile air conditioning control system was discussed. The composition and work principles of the system were introduced,the practice and transformation were done in spinning workshop air conditioning room. The air supply volume,water spray volume and new return air ratio can be controlled automatically. The test result shows that contrasting with manual adjustment,the system can save power consumption above 30%,save water about 25%. It is considered that the system plays a positive role in controlling workshop temperature & humidity and stabilizing semi?products regain.?
Key Words    Textile Air Conditioning,Intelligent Control System,Temperature & Humidity,Energy-saving,Power Consumption