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arrow Recent Development Status and Prospect of Automobile Textiles(The First Part)

Datetime:2012-10-11 13:08:09  

Pan Peng

(Shaanxi Textile Science Institute)

Qiang Liling

(Shaanxi Textile Science Institute)

Li Xiaolan
(Shaanxi Textile Science Institute)


Abstract    Development trends and application current situations of automobile textiles were discussed. Development current situations and properties of automobile seat fabrics,carpet,ceiling composite materials, cord fabrics,SRS fabrics and filter materials were introduced. It is pointed out that adopting high performance fiber and recoverable reuse fiber materials is the development trends of automobile textiles,material composition and constitution should be designed rationally,functionality diversification and low?cost inputs should be expressed. It is considered that there are certain distance between Chinese and the international in automobile textiles development & production level,new materials and technology should be used,scientific research should be transferred quickly,technology protection consciousness should be strengthened,enterprise R & D competence should be improved.?
Key Words    Automobile Textiles,Interior Fabrics,Cord Fabrics,SRS,Composite Materials