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1、New-type Loom Application and New Production Exploitation Symposium 

1)Sponsors: China Cotton Textile Information Centre  Cotton Textile Technology Agency  China Cotton Textile Technology Information Net
Supporters: Jingwei Textile Machinery Public Co.,Ltd Weaving Machinery Department

Fabric is the basis of costume and home textile industry. Increase innovation, advance weaving preparation and weaving technology, increase new-type fibre application, exploit fibre blended spinning, compound, complect fabric and advance fabric quality, which have been the key of promoting industry technology. On October 15-17, 2006 China Cotton Textile Information Centre, Cotton Textile Technology Agency and China Cotton Textile Technology Information Net together held The Third New-type Loom Application and New Production Exploitation Symposium in Jinan, Shandong. The leaders, principals, general engineers and technicians in textile industry attend the symposium.

Theme: Apply new technology and new material to exploit slap-up fabric, advance cloth fad.
Tenet: Advance innovation of new material, new technology and product, expedite main technology exploitation, extend the new-type loom sector, develop international market, promote competition in cotton textile industry.

3)Symposium Format
Subject Reporting Conference: The symposium will inosculate production practice, invite domestic famous experts to make a speech.

Yao Mu-- China Engineering College Academician, honorary president in Xi’an University of Polytechnic, Mentor of doctor, Professor.
Yang Jichao-- General Secretary Of China Textile and Apparel Council, Assistant General Director of China National Textile Engineering Council, Professor Grade Senior Engineer
Fu Enfu--Director of China Cotton Textile Information Centre, Publisher of Cotton Textile Technology Agency
Gu Zhenya—Professor in Textile College of Tianjin Industry University, Mentor of doctor.
Thesis: Designation and application of biology-like textile.
Wang Ronggen—Senior engineer in Wuxi Qingfeng Textile Public Co.,Ltd.
Thesis: Discuss questions about Projectile loom and air-jet loom weaving broad width down cloth.
Hong Haicang—Assistant Director of weaving council in Shanghai Textile Engineering institute, Senior Engineer of Rapier Loom Technology Information Communication Center.
Thesis: Probe into Chinese rapier loom technology problems
Han Wanjun—Assistant General Manager of Jingwei Textile Machinery Public Co.,Ltd Weaving Machinery Department

Thesis: Domestic new-type air-jet loom performance character and product exploitation.
Du jiang—Senior Engineer of Shaanxi Changling Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd
Thesis: Discuss some questions of clearing yarn threshold setting and fabric qulity control.
Tang Deyu—Senior Advisor of Sultex, Doctor of Textile Engineering
Thesis: Exploit technical textile and adjust textile configuration.

Discussion: After subject reporting conference, experts and professors will answer conventioneers’ questions, discuss and solve hard point questions.
Advanced enterprise experience communication: According to existent problems on product exploitation and production, invite many advanced enterprises to introduce about application of electronic yarn clearer and shuttleless loom and experience of exploitation new products.
Technology Information Issuance: Conference invite specially manufacturer of weaving preparation, weaving equipment production to issue technology informations, introduce new performance characters, application effect etc. Sultex, Dornier, Picanol, Grob will attend the issuance.

2、2007 Size Mixture and Sizing Technology Symposium

1)Sponsors: China Cotton Textile Information Centre  Cotton Textile Technology Agency  China Cotton Textile Technology Information Net
Supporters: Changzhou Runli Auxiliaries Co., Ltd

In order to advance the development in China cotton textile industry, strengthen sizing technology research, improve sizing technology level, use equipment better, On October 22-26, 2007 China Cotton Textile Information Centre, Cotton Textile Technology Agency and China Cotton Textile Technology Information Net together will hold the Seventh Size Mixture and Sizing Technology Symposium in Guilin, Guangxi. Welcome enterprise principals, general engineers, technicians in cotton textile enterprise, textile size mixture manufacturing company, sizing equipment enterprise to attend the symposium.
Thesis: Optimize size mixture prescription, economize energy and reduce loss, improve product additional value.
Tenet: Discuss how exploit and use size mixture, how change excellent new product, how utilize new technology to reduce production cost, look for a way for deviating difficulty.

3)Symposium Format
Subject Reporting Conference

Invite some experts and academicians to make a feature speech aiming at industry hot point.
Hong Zhongqiu—Senior Engineer in Shanghai Cotton Textile Industry Council
Thesis: Discuss fifteen problems about size mixture prescription design.
Ding Kuigang—Senior Engineer in Jiangxi Textile Science & Research Institute.
Thesis: Size mixture actuality and researchful questions.
Fan Xuerong—Professor of Textile and Costume College in Jiangnan University
Thesis: Discuss printing & finishing to sizing requirement from protecting environment.
Wang Zhenghu—Engineer of Shanghai Fufang Textile Counseling Co.,Ltd
Thesis: Sizing equipment fault reason analysis and reconstructed problem.
Ji Dexin—Assistant General Manager of Qingdao Fanglian Group sixth cotton Co.,Ltd
Thesis: Analyse how textile enterprise optimize sizing technology, economize energy and reduce loss.

Special Guest:
Xiao Hanbin—general engineer of Wuhan First Cotton Textile Company.
Wu Hanliang—Rector, Doctor and Professor of Zhongao College in Xi’an University of Polytechnic.
Technology Exchange: Organize experts, academicians and technicians together to discuss current technical hot points.
Information Issuance: Introduce new product, new technology, new equipment and new process in current textile size mixture industry.
Communication: Experts and academicians will answer the hard question which conventioneers care about.

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